Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wrigleyville: No Place For a Jog

Poor Ned Yost. The Brewers manager wrecked yesterday while out for a leisurely stroll nearly Wrigley Field. Apparently, he tripped over some jagged concrete in an area where road work was being done. The result: a busted collarbone.

While some might be thinking that this a lame injury, let me tell you, the north side of Chicago is a tough track. You've got constant foot traffic, narrow sidewalks, parking meters, ongoing construction, and (depending on how late in the day it is) plenty of wasted Cubs fans getting ready for a nice little day game at Wrigley.

So while jogging might seem to be a pretty easy endeavor and one that should not result in an injury, you have to consider the context.

Next time, Yost should probably hit a treadmill or cruise down to the one of those nice jogging paths alongside Lake Michigan.

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