Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cavs Should Have Won By 80, Apparently

The Cleveland Cavaliers rolled to a 97-82 Game One victory today, but to hear John Thompson (not to mention the TNT studio crew) tell it, a 15-point win isn't enough. Cleveland wasn't aggressive enough, emotional enough, or impressive enough. They should have pressed more, trapped more, and "got the crowd involved" more.


Nobody gives the Spurs crap when they grind out an early round win. Nobody cares that the Pistons played with all the flair of a tollbooth operator last night in dispatching the Magic.

Look, I think the Cavs are flawed just like everybody else. I wish Mike Brown was a better coach and that they had a point guard and that LeBron moved more without the ball. I'm right there with everybody else. But I'm sick of the double standard. LeBron is such a fantastic talent, that it seems he is obligated to go 40-10-10 every time out and that his team must blow the roof off the gym or the game is a total failure. It is bizarre.

I'm sure the Cavs don't care and will take the 1-0 lead, but if they want to impress all those pundits out there, they better get ready to do more in Game Two. Maybe a power forward playing on stilts, or something involving a trampoline. Either that or maybe just a 145-60 victory, with no turnovers or missed shots at all. I suppose that would count as a "good" victory.

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