Saturday, April 14, 2007

NBA Awards: Biggest Bust

In a year filled with tanking and suspect injuries, you could probably list about 126 busts. However, I am burdened with the task of choosing one (a burden I gave myself), so I will do just that. With apologies to the atrocious Andrei Kirilenko, I am giving this award to Brad Miller of the Sacramento Kings. A fringe playoff team heading into the season, the Kings were looking forward to a full year from Ron Artest and the continued improvement of Kevin Martin. They got both of those (mostly, in the case of Artest), but got a big bag of poop from returning stars Mike Bibby and Brad Miller. Bibby had a terrible year, but he looked awesome compared to Miller. In his first three seasons in Sacto, Miller averaged almost 15 points, 9 boards, and 4.5 assists a game while shooting over 50%. This year? 9/6/3.6 and 44% shooting. Friends, those are Channing Frye numbers.

Actually, that might be an insult to Frye.

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