Monday, April 23, 2007

Day Two All-Stars

A wild Sunday of playoff action topped off a great opening weekend. The regular season may have sucked, but I am 100% back on board after just one game in each series. Good times.

And here is the Day Two All-Star team:

PG - Baron Davis. Duh. 33-14-8 will do the job. And that doesn't even tell the full story. He controlled the game on both ends of the floor, dominated every defender Dallas threw at him, and even spent some time guarding Dirk on the other end. Just sick.

SG - Allen Iverson. Kobe had this locked down until he and his team fizzled down the stretch. Plus, AI was pretty impressive in his first playoff game wearing powder blue. He shook off an 0-6 start to make 11-of-16 the rest of the way and finish with 31. Throw in his five assists, fantastic defense, and 8-for-8 free throw shooting and this was a vintage Iverson performance.

SF - Carmelo Anthony. I almost went LeBron here (who was underrated today) and even thought about Crazy Stephen Jackson, but decided to go with Melo because his early scoring gave Denver confidence and his late free throws sealed the deal. Plus, 30 and 8 is always nice.

PF - Shawn Marion. For the second day in a row, power forward is the weak link, which is surprising. I can't give it to a player from a losing team so that rules out shot happy Antawn Jamison and bloodied Lamar Odom. And while Nene was "a beast" (as Charles Barkley mentioned a half dozen times tonight), Marion gets the nod for his 16 and 16. Plus, I read in ESPN the Mag that Marion feels underappreciated, so I thought I'd show him some love.

C - Amare Stoudemire. 23 and 12 with 2 blocks and 2 steals works for me. Plus, Amare answered the call early in the second half, when Phoenix went through him to cut into the Lakers' lead.

6th Man - Leandro Barbosa. It seems appropriate to add another position for today's action, as Barbosa was pretty much the reason Phoenix won. The Brazillian Blur rattled off his own personal 15-6 run to tun the game around.

MVP - Baron Davis. Hands down.

LVP - Jerry Stackhouse. Dirk and Duncan had rough shooting nights, but still filled up the box score. Manu was 4-for-15 and got torched on the other end and Kwame was terrible, but nobody was as bad as Stackhouse, who went 0-for-6, committed 5 turnovers, and looked like he was doing a matador impersonation while trying to guard The Baron. He's today's LVP.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Stackhouse will go out and get himself a cheap shot to sooth the pain, like he did last year in the Finals.