Monday, April 23, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

In case you are counting down the minutes until we are treated to another riveting Pistons-Magic game, here are some videos to keep you busy:

- Baron Davis spends a day working at the McDonald's that he ownes in the Bay Area. This was the TNT clip that won me over as a Baron fan a few weeks ago. It runs a little long, but is worth checking out, if only for the way he laughs at all his own jokes.

- After AI's strong Denver playoff debut last night, I figured we should link to one of his great postseason performances, but I couldn't decide between his 2001 NBA Finals Game One or the ridiculous 55-point effort against Baron Davis and the Hornets in 2003. So I posted them both. In the Finals clip, make sure to watch for two things: the famous step over Tyron Lue (who had been fouling him every play for about 15 minutes; this comes late), and the Marv Albert line, " ... to Eric Snow, who delivers!" (this is pretty early), which is something no Cavs fan has ever heard. (By the way, the craziest thing about these Iverson clips is that he somehow looks exactly the same in 2007. He's a freak of nature.)

(I should note that the 2003 game against the Hornets was probably the best game Iverson has ever played. He went 21-32 from the field; an extraordinary accomplishment for someone that takes such difficult shots. He had eight assists, meaning that of Philly’s 98 points, Iverson was responsible for 71 of them. He grabbed six rebounds, picked up five steals, and drew an amazing total of 18 fouls. In the process he became the third player in NBA history - joining Wilt and Jordan - to have three playoff games with over 50 points. I mean just look at the line again: 55-8-6-5. Ridiculous.)

- Great stuff on Dwight Howard leading up to and during the 2007 Slam Dunk Contest. Check out the practice dunk where he kisses the rim. Sick. I also enjoy the Kenny Smith "that was CRAZY" and Chuck "Michael done lost his damn mind" comments. Highly enjoyable all the way around. Much more so than an actual Magic game. (And while we're here, take another look at Howard's game-winning throwdown over Tim Duncan earlier this year.)

- This one isn't so much for the T-Mac element (although 62 points is a ton, and the pull-up three at the 8:31 mark of the third quarter is insane), since it is marred by a lame rap song (rap isn't lame, just this particular song - didn't want a misplaced modifier causing any confusion), but rather to remind everyone why the Wizards won't be winning with defense anytime soon. And neither will the Raptors.

- Speaking of the Raptors, is there any doubt that this vision is keeping Rasho Nesterovich up at night? (My favorite part of the clip is how Carter nearly drills KG with a celebratory haymaker.) If you want more Vince, here is a pretty crazy compilation of his top 100 dunks. If you've never seen 100 dunks in 6:55, check it out. It's kind of like eating a whole gallon of ice cream. You just kind of get sick and numb after awhile. (At least, that is what I assume would happen if you ate a gallon of ice cream.) For my money, the best in the non-Weiss division are the one where he dunks it off his own head, the one in Mourning's grill, the windmill off the lob, or one of the dozen where he puts his balls in Duncan's face.

- Take six minutes and treat yourself to the classic Carmelo Anthony episode of Cribs. Or just let it load then skip ahead to about the 2/3 mark to check out the "Blood Brothers" painting.

- One reminder why Bulls' fans don't like James Posey. Here is the other. I love this Bulls-Heat rivalry.

- This is the player in whom I've placed my belief that the Rockets will win the title. It doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence, especially when Skip gets swatted in his own highlight video. That said, the R Kelly song is HILARIOUS.

And on that note, they tell me that the Pistons and Magic have been underway for about an hour. If a tree falls in the forest ...


Jeff said...

The Alston video killed me.

Kent said...

James Posey is a major tool. No wonder all of Chicago hates him. The announcers in that first clip sounded dumb as hell though.

Drew said...

Watching that clip of Iverson against Charlotte makes me sad that things fell apart in Philly. During that game I remember all the love between AI and the fans and I recall thinking that he would always be a Sixer. I know he wasn't a perfect team member and citizen, but I feel like he gave his heart and soul to that town, just to be undermined and knifed in the back repeatedly.

Toronto in the House said...

Did the Raptors "win with defense" last night? They held the Nets to 83 points. Quit hating on the Raptors!