Sunday, April 15, 2007

Juniors and Seniors

If you've been following the recent Greg Oden stuff, then you know we are getting mixed messages about his Draft status. You also know that Mike Conley's dad is planning to rep both his son as well as Oden, should the two Buckeyes enter the draft. You may have also noticed the strange coincidence that both Oden and Conley are Juniors. Not their year in school, obviously, but their given names. Mike Conley Jr. and Greg Oden Jr. Nobody calls Oden "Greg Oden Jr." though. Or, at least, I hadn't heard it. Maybe it is because his dad isn't a famous triple jumper. I have no idea. But it sure makes for confusing reading, especially when Oden Sr. is now in the mix, being the guy that first reported that his son was going pro. Now you have Greg Oden Sr. reporting that Greg Oden Jr. is going to join Mike Conley Jr. in the draft, where they will both be represented by Mike Conley Sr. Whew. Of course, now Conley Sr. is reporting that Oden Sr. has it wrong and that Oden Jr. is still unsure about what he will do. Madness!

As for me, I am personally hoping that both Conley and Oden stay in school at least two more years, so that we might get the following report:

"Today it was reported by Greg Oden Senior that his son, Ohio State junior Greg Oden Junior, will join junior teammate Mike Conley Junior in declaring for the NBA Draft. They eventually plan to use Mike Conley Senior as their agent, but won't do so right away, ensuring that either Junior can return for his senior season."

I would really enjoy that.

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