Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shame on the Pistons Fans

I know that the Deeeeetroit fans don't really have the greatest rep anyway, what with the brawl and all, but I was shocked when Darko entered the game to a chorus of boos. Then he was met with more vitriolic booing during each trip to the free throw line. It was the kind of treatment normally reserved for a turncoat player, or a quitter like Vince Carter. But what did Darko do wrong? He was left to rot on the bench while playing for Larry Brown, told he would play more under Flip (and busted his butt during an impressive preseason), and then left to rot on the bench some more. He was then traded to Orlando for salary cap purposes (in an ill-fated attempt to re-sign Ben Wallace). Other than the time he flipped the bird, I don't recall him ever wronging the Pistons fans in any way. Anyway, I thought it was pretty lame.

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