Thursday, April 05, 2007

Better Get This Done

As long as the Insider column has a pulse, I should probably get some MLB picks out there. That way, as always, I can point to them should they turn out to be correct. This is going to be quick and completely lack effort. You've been warned.

American League

1. Anaheim
2. Oakland
3. Texas
4. Seattle
Bonus: Mike Hargrove will be the first manager fired in the bigs this year

1. Cleveland
2. Minnesota (wild card)
3. Detroit
4. Chicago
5. Kansas City
Bonus: The White Sox, once rich with starters, will have to deal for an extra arm or two

1. Boston
2. New York
3. Toronto
4. Baltimore
5. Tampa Bay
Bonus: One of Tampa Bay's crazy outfielders will get suspended for at least five games

MVP: Grady Sizemore
Cy Young: Johan Santana
Rookie of the Year: Daisuke Matsuzaka
Breakout Star: Nick Markaksis
Bust: Gary Sheffield
Manager of the Year: Eric Wedge

Minnesota over Boston in 6
Cleveland over Anaheim in 5
Cleveland over Minnesota in 6

National League

1. Los Angeles
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. Arizona
5. Colorado
Bonus: Bonds hits 33 home runs and then his head pops right off his neck

1. Chicago
2. St. Louis
3. Houston
4. Milwaukee
5. Pittsburgh
Bonus: Ted "My GM signed me while having an angioplasty" Lilly wins 18 games

1. New York
2. Philadelphia (wild card)
3. Atlanta
4. Florida
5. Washington
Bonus: Miguel Cabrera retakes the lead from David Wright in the "Best Young NL 3B" race

MVP: Jose Reyes
Cy Young: Cole Hamels
Rookie of the Year: Homer Bailey
Breakout Star: Rickie Weeks
Bust: Carlos Lee
Manager of the Year: Lou Pinella

New York over Chicago in 7
Philadelphia over Los Angeles in 5
New York over Philadelphia in 6

World Series
New York over Cleveland in 6
MVP: Carlos Delgado

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