Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who Will Lead the Parade ...

... the day that Bruce Bowen retires? How about: everyone.

It is hard to imagine that any NBA player is more universally hated than the Spurs' hatchet man.

Tonight he was doing all his normal Bruce Bowen things - raising his hands in disbelief with every foul, throwing cheap shots, and so on. As things went badly for San Antonio, Bowen behaved badly. Sound familiar?

Here is my question: why hasn't anyone ever punched him in the face?

Now, I'm not one to encourage violence in sports, but I just find it hard to believe that no one's ever given this guy the Tyler Durden treatment. All the knees to the groin, the punches to the ribs, the elbows, the attempts to trip players while dunking ... no one has just decided "enough is enough"? I've seen dudes get laid out for less in pickup games.

In the meantime, we can all look forward to the day he retires.


Brandon said...

I concur. Some team's 12th man just needs to deck Bowen right in the mouth, much like an enforcer in hockey.

No one would even have to ask what it was for, though I'm sure Bowen and the rest of the Spurs would act like he was the victim of a hate crime or something.

SoCalSun said...

Pretty obvious last night, wasn't it? As the game started to slip away from the Spurs, Bowen went to work--trip on Nash when he got by on a drive, then the knockdown of Nash after a pass off to Amare, and the capper, the forearm/elbow to Amare's ribs on the pick set. Hopefully there's a suspension waiting in the wings for that one.

Fines/suspensions are too heavy in the league today for a player to risk it, but thankfully Cal State Fullerton's most disgraceful son is nearing the end of his career, and we won't we forced to see this nonsense for more than another season or two.