Friday, April 11, 2008

The Warrior Tops The Warriors

Tonight's game is why I love Allen Iverson.

In a must-win game, on the road, against an equally desperate team, Iverson rose to the ocassion and displayed his usual fearlessness and tenacity in leading Denver to a huge victory over Golden State.

It didn't matter that Marcus Camby looked like he was playing with boths hands tied behind his back or that Anthony Carter was still the starting point guard (I remain confused why Denver's inconsistency is a mystery to people - their starting point guard is Anthony Carter!) or that the Warriors raced out to an early 17-point lead. It didn't even matter that partner in crime Carmelo Anthony battled foul trouble for most of the contest.

Tonight was just one of those AI nights where he makes twisting drives, finds teammates with impossible passes, causes havoc on defense, wills himself to the free throw line, and generally just carries his team to victory.

For the evening he scored 33 points while dishing out 9 assists. He shot over 50% from the floor. He committed just two turnovers despite the frenetic pace. He had three huge steals - each time on improbable plays in the passing lanes. Oh, and he logged all 48 minutes, never once resting or relaxing or doing anything short of providing maximum effort.

The NBA isn't built for a guy like Iverson to win titles the way it is for post players like Shaq and Duncan or big guards like Jordan or LeBron or Wade or even Brandon Roy. And Iverson has no doubt been surpassed by Chris Paul in the "6'0" and Under Derby." But try finding someone who could have done what he did tonight.

This one's going in my big book of Iverson memories, right there with the 55 he threw up against the Hornets in the 2003 playoffs, Game One of the 2001 Finals, and so many other classic AI performances. What a beast.

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