Sunday, April 27, 2008

Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Fortune, thy name is Utah.

[Update: That was weird. The entire post somehow got deleted after I wrote it. I don't have the heart to sketch it all out again, so here are the main ideas:

- Utah won Game Two in Houston when Luis Scola committed an entirely needless foul and negated a Bobby Jackson three, and when Houston missed an inordinate number of layups, and when Kyle Korver shot a jumper off the side of the backboard and managed to get the ball back for an open jumper.

- Utah won Game Four when the wrong official made an assumption call on an inbounds play when Deron Williams got tied up for a jump ball by Tracy McGrady. Then, when Williams missed two free throws, Chuck Hayes and McGrady accidentally fought for the rebound and the ball wound up in the hands of Okur for two free throws.

- I think the Jazz are a really good team and have probably deserved each of their three victories in the series, but that they probably are up 3-1 more because of fortune than skill. In other words, they ARE good, but they've BEEN lucky.

- In conclusion, it is better to be lucky than good.]


Brandon said...

Feel free to expound on the idea behind this post. I'm a bit lost.

Johnnie Bee said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with this post but, rather some to do with a previous post. JVG is the best announcer hands down. Did anyone watch the Suns Spurs game on Sunday? He had me rolling... Bob Delaney on the call, who has no relation to Actress Kim Delaney. haha!!!