Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Hornets Must Really Want to Play Denver

As with so many of the playoff seeds in the Western Conference, the 7th spot is going down to the wire. If the Mavs win or the Nuggets lose tonight, Dallas is 7th and Denver is 8th. However, if Dallas loses and the Nuggets win, then they flip-flop.

Dallas is hosting New Orleans tonight, who has a chance to rest its starters with the #2 seed locked up. Except that it seems like the Hornets really want to play Denver, because they are playing the big guns big minutes. It is currently the end of the third quarter and Paul has played 27 minutes (with 20 and 9) and West and Peja over 30 each. Granted, the Mavs are still winning by five, but it sure seems like New Orleans has a vested interest in pulling this one out.

Is this a "careful what you wish for" situation?

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