Wednesday, April 23, 2008

T-Mac Column

If you are interested in reading my weepy, sympathetic ode to Tracy McGrady, be sure to check out my latest offering over at HoopsAddict.

Fire up the Ben Harper and cut T-Mac some slack!


Brandon said...

Interesting that you refuse to even mention the fact that McGrady DID disappear in Game 1 and 2. One point combined in the fourth quarters of the first two games is not going to cut it if you are your team's superstar.

Complaining that you were tired at the end of the second game in the playoffs is less than impressive, as well.

I love T-Mac, and I think when he's healthy he's just about unstoppable. But this series has not been his finest moment.

Anonymous said...

"The pain of knowing that for all his grace, skill and poise, McGrady himself will wear down, or even break down."

That seems like a mention to me.

More to the point, why do we punish athletes for playing to the point of exhaustion? If he had paced himself to stay fresh for the fourth, the Rockets would have been down by 20.