Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nice Buzz, Schofield

The NBA's resident Michael Schofield doppleganger, Sacha Pavlovic, is looking shorn and active early in tonight's game. His closely-cropped dome was getting a little shaggy in New Jersey, but now the bald gleam is back and so is the juumper. Aleksandar the Great already has a big three and a dramatic chest-beating move to his credit, and we're only three minutes in. Man, I love Pavlovic.

(By the way, the Cavs look eager to close this thing out and get some rest while they await the Pistons.)

[Update: I guess they were only eager for those first three minutes. Also, I forgot that Larry Hughes is on their team. By the way, that flagrant foul that was called on my boy Sasha was an absolute joke. Nobody is having a rougher spring than NBA officials.]

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Adam Hoff said...

I might have jinxed Sasha. His mortal enemy, Bostjan Nachbar, is dropping threes like he's Stephen Jackson in Game Six.

And by "mortal enemy" I mean "the foreign guy that he often guards."