Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Bob Woodward of Flopping

You've got to check these columns out.

In this day and age, it is all about specialization. We see it in everything from law firms to foreign outsourcing, so why not in sports journalism/blogging? There is so much content out there that perhaps the best way to up the quality quotient is to search for specialization. Anyway, Dennis Hans isn't necessarily doing that (he writes on all things hoops as well as other, more sophisticated topics), but maybe he should. Because nobody is breaking down flopping in the NBA like Dennis. He's been analyzing block/charge calls and the way they have changed (and are going to get someone killed) for years and he's added another great piece over at HoopsHype.

Check it out:

Varejao is Blanche DuBois Defender of the Year

And to show he's not "bashing international hoopsters":

This is America's Fault

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Christina said...

I hate flopping with a passion... I truly do. Watching people flop around and get the call is almost as frustrating as seeing someone like Bruce Bowen foul other players nonstop and get away with it.

It doesn't help my hatred of flopping and of the Spurs that so many morons claimed that Nash was flopping on the now-infamous flagrant foul. Yeah, he might have flailed his arms a little bit more than was necessary, but maybe he honestly lost control. Its not like he tripped and it was passed off as a flop. He was thrown into a table, yet Spurs fans claim it was Nash's fault... interesting...