Friday, May 04, 2007

Mavs-Warriors: In Game Chatter

I'm anal and don't like to burry posts that have more content, so I took the four in-game/reactionary posts and pasted them all here:

Holy Stephen Jackson

He's currently 7-for-7 from behind the arc, has 13 straight points, and is carrying the Warriors. I guess he took that "just stop driving and only shoot jumpers" advice. Maybe Webber called him and imparted that.

The other day I wrote that "sometimes Jackson hits crazy threes, sometimes he's just crazy." Well, tonight it is crazy threes. And it couldn't have come at a better time for the Warriors.

Team Hammy

The poor Warriors are literally trying to limp the finish line. Baron Davis is a hero for even playing through this hamstring pull, but he can hardly move. And Matt Barnes was a game-time decision and you can tell that he is having a rough time. This definitely sucks for Golden State.

As for Baron, his courage, shooting, and iron will are all reasons to keep him in the game for offense, but he's gone from Golden State's most disruptive defensive player to a total liability on that end of the floor. So what to do?

They've tried him on Terry and on Harris and they've gone with the 3-2, but all of this things are causing problems because of quickness. I think they should just put him on Nowitzki. Baron guarded Dirk a few times in Game One and did fine and Dirk is the one guy on the Mavs that is already is slow as an injured Baron Davis. Baron can just lean on him and shove him and use doubles like they've already been doing. I think this would work much better.

Seriously, What is Going On?

I'm a little behind as always (just reached halftime), but I just can't avoid posting any longer and asking what on earth the refs are looking at tonight. The Warriors are getting clobbered. Jackson on virtually every drive. Ellis got nailed in the head on a layup. Barnes was raked across both arms on a drive. Davis got shoved by Dirk on a three. NOTHING is being called. Charges are only being called on Golden State. They are the home team, for crying out loud! This is ridiculous. I know that ref-bashing is the new sport of choice in the NBA, but this is truly horrible work. Then again, I guess I should expect nothing less from a Steve Javy-led crew.

The Refs Hate Stephen Jackson

Whether it is fair or not, Stephen Jackson has put himself in the doghouse of NBA officials everywhere. Whether it was his participation in the brawl, his off the court issues, his Game Two ejection, or just his general demeanor, he is not a favored son. And because of that, the man gets ZERO calls. More than any other Golden State player (except for perhaps Baron), Jackson attacks the rim and draws fouls. Well, he attacks the rim. Because the "draws fouls" part only works when the referees will actually call a foul. I counted seven times in the 18 minutes in which Jackson was clearly and blatantly hacked on drives to the basket (including once when the slap of skin could be heard over the din of the crowd), and yet he only went to the line once. At this point, Jackson needs to go the way of Chris Webber circa 2002 and just shoot jumpers, because like C-Webb, he just isn't going to get the whistle.

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