Friday, May 04, 2007

Game Six Highlights

I was just notified of some fairly tragic news: my brother Drew missed last night's game because he had a business school class. Ouch. It got me thinking about the fact that perhaps others missed Game Six of the Warriors-Mavs series and therefore missed the Barnes dunk, the Richardson dunk, the Baron heroics, the crowd, and everything else. So I decided to troll around on YouTube and look for some highlights. As always, I am amazed at how quickly people can get stuff on to Internet. Good job, world.

Matt Barnes dunks on Dirk's head

Here is Stephon Jackson's own personal 13-3 run that basically won the game. You get a great feel for the crowd here. And check out the sick dimes by Barnes.

Baron scores 11 straight after coming back out of the locker room barely able to move around. And these shots are ridiculous.

Honestly, this dunk and three by Jason Richardson might be my favorite clip. The crowd is going crazy, you've got the Baron-to-Pietrus-to-Richardson work of art, and then there is Kate Hudson going bonkers and trying to keep her shirt on.

Of all the cell phone videos, the one filiming the jumbotron while this guy is dancing is my favorite.

I love this brief clip of Baron willing himself to the basket, because it was a perfect example of how he played through the pain, and because of how insanely loud the crowd was.

Hopefully, for you poor suckers who missed the game, that gives you a little taste.

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