Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baron Davis' Hammy = Curt Schilling's Ankle?

With the Warriors emerging as America's Team and Baron Davis evoking memories of Willis Reed, it stands to reason that The Baron's Hamstring is about to become a rather big story. With Golden State looking like it has a shot to advance to the Western Conference Finals and perhaps even beyond, there is no doubt that the largest muscle in Baron Davis' leg will be the subject of much scrutiny. Will it heal? Will it hold up? How will he have it wrapped? What will he do to keep it loose during halftime? Get ready for pregame reports, sideline reports, and Kenny and Charles talking about playing through injuries. Get ready for a whole lot of Hammy Hemming and Hawing.

The whole thing has the potential to reach Curt Schilling Ankle proportions. We all remember that amazing saga. Schilling hurt his ankle making a play against the Angles in the 2004 ALCS, had to undergo surgery, had the terrible Game One of the ALCS, and then made his triumphant return with the bloody sock to help spur the Red Sox to a comeback from 3-0 and their first title since 1918. In fact, the Bloody Sock story came roaring back anew recently as ESPN's Garry Thorne accused Schilling of faking it, which prompted Schilling to respond on his blog 38 Pitches and offer a cool mil to prove that the blood was fake. Good times!

I personally can't wait for the bloody sock equivalent with The Baron. In fact, there are already conspiracy theories floating around that Baron's hammy pull was some elaborate hoax cooked up by Nellie and Davis. This seems beyond ridiculous, given how limited Baron was (especially on defense) and how much pain he appeared to be in. But it is the NBA and what would the playoffs be without our conspiracy theories?

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