Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mikki Moore: Go to Texas

Mikki Moore is set to be a free agent and while he has already made it clear that he would like to remain a teammate of Jason Kidd's in New Jersey (in fact he said he would take a pay cut, no doubt to his agent's chagrin), he needs to hit the road again. I know a guy who has played for approximately 914 teams in like five leagues doesn't want to mess with success, but there is a better place for him. With Nenad Kristic coming back for the Nets, Moore is going to be looking at a diminished role and a lot less wide open shots courtesy of J-Kidd. That is the bad news. The good news is that he can find the same role and the same looks on another playoff team. Ready for me to reveal the mystery squad?

Moore needs to follow the path of everyone from Alan Shepherd to the Marathon Oil Company to Ahman Green and move to Houston.

As was so painfully obvious last night (and affirmed by everyone from Charles Barkley to T-Mac), the Rockets need to get more athletic. They can't do that at center, because Yao is entrenched. They can't do it at point guard (Alston is already their second-most athletic player), shooting guard (McGrady), or small forward (Battier is too valuable), so that leaves power forward. Lo and behold, that is Moore's position. Not only that, the Rockets are currently getting by at the 4 with the 5'2" (slight exaggeration) Chuck Hayes and a wax figure of Juwan Howard. Safe to say they could use an upgrade.

While Houston can only give Moore the exception (what is that, 6 years, 30 million?), it is still plenty of cash to secure a starting gig on a team that is A) hungry, B) good, and C) in desperate need of your services.

Sounds like a perfect fit.

Mikki Moore, we are a go for launch.

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