Saturday, October 21, 2006

Staring Them Right in the Face

The most idiotic decision in the 2006 NFL Draft? Most would say the Texans passing on Reggie Bush in favor of Mario Williams, which is a very good choice. However, my money is on the Raiders passing on Matt Leinart at #7. From the first day of training camp, the word out of Oakland has been the same: the quarterback situation is a disaster. I think Aaron Brooks' "mobility" got people excited for about three seconds, but that is it. I mean, things were so bad that they brought Jeff George into camp. And that was before Brooks went down with a pectoral injury and the world got to see just how bad Andrew Walter truly is. But no, taking a safety (the disappointing Michael Huff) was a fantastic idea. I don't care about Leinart's supposed lack of arm strength or the Raiders' vertical passing game or any of the other excuses that were proffered on draft day - this is going down as one of the worst decisions ever.

Anyway, I've just been waiting for this story to bubble over in the Bay and now is the time. You see, the can't miss quarterback is coming to town in an Arizona Cardinals uniform. And after he hangs 275 yards and two scores on Oakland and leaves with his first NFL win, the poor Raiders' fans (I never thought I would type those words) are going to reach new depths. If you got the most incompetent person you could find and paid him to try to screw up an NFL franchise, I don't think he could do a worse job than Al Davis is doing with this once-proud team. It is just amazing to witness. We probably won't fully appreciate it until years from now.

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