Saturday, October 14, 2006


There, I said it. ESPN Motion, ESPN in-fighting (Jason Whitlock versus everyone, Dan Shanoff versus everyone, etc.), ESPN Full Circle broadcasts, ESPN the Magazine, and on and on. It's everwhere. And now the web page itself takes 90 seconds to load and starts blaring highlights at you and when you try to pause it just to make it stop, you can't, because the page is still loading.

Mike Patrick, Joe Theisman, Lee Corso, Chris Berman, Skip Bayless ... enough!

By the way, nice promo tonight by the Egotistical Sports Programming Network. "Rex Grossman has the Bears flying high ... this Monday night they take on Edgerrin James, Larry Fitzgerald, and the Arizona Cardinals."

Umm, Larry Fitzgerald is out for two to five weeks. Even the world's worst fantasy player knows that. Whoever wrote that copy and/or Mike Patrick should owe us an apology. Pathetic.

From now on I'm getting my sports content from Yahoo! (who is doing a suprisingly good job of bring in talent, although the way they pimped their own Reggie Bush story was disgusting), my fantasy insight from Rotowire, and opinion from newspaper writers. I'm boycotting ESPN's slow-moving, self-absorbed website, starting ... now.

As for the network, I'm kind of stuck there. But here's to hoping that Kornheiser and Wilbon inexplicably move to HBO, which will allow them to drop a few profanities every once in a while. As Larry David said, "You drop an f-bomb, you double your laughs."

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