Saturday, October 14, 2006

Heisman Race: Tough Afternoon for RB's

Wow, brutal afternoon session for Heisman hopeful running backs. I will cover this in more detail in my "One Man's Heisman Poll" running here and on Blogcritics early next week, but this was just grisley.

(Numbers indicate where I had each guy ranked in my most recent poll.)

2. My man Garrett Wolfe carried 18 times for just 37 yards and no touchdowns, which just kills his chances. He probably needed to go for 200+ every game, so this is just an awful turn of events.

4. Adrian Peterson racked up 186 yards and two scores against Iowa State, but then we learned after the game that he broke his collarbone. He's done for the year and so are his Heisman chances.

5. Steve Slaton had a big game with 178 yards and two scores, but he was upstaged by teammate Pat White who ran for a whopping 235 yards and scored four times.

6. Ray Rice had his worst game of the season, running for 91 yards and no scores while losing a fumble.

Meanwhile Troy Smith was cruising right along, putting more distance between himself and the pack.

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