Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

The Boston-Cleveland game was arguably the worst basketball game I've ever seen in my life.

- LeBron with the worst game of his career.

- Ray Allen with the worst game of his career.

- Ilgauskas shooting an eight-footer but only getting making it two feet.

- Mike Brown and Doc Rivers making coaching look extremely difficult.

I'm still in shock from how completely and truly miserable that viewing experience was.


Brandon said...

Mike Brown is horrible. I can't understand how his offensive philosophy is "give LeBron the ball 23 feet from the basket and watch him do whatever he wants."

Rivers is bad, too. He just has better players overall, and it at least appears he runs an offense.

John said...

I totally agree brandon.... Rivers has a team that knows how to play. Brown has a player.... and a bunch of role players that can't create. Post James up, cut off it! Is it that difficult...
Last nights game was a Celtics-Cavs collision, not a bball game.