Friday, May 16, 2008

No Class

If I ever needed yet another reason to root against the Spurs, I got it last night when the home crowd rose in unison to chant Robert Horry's name after he re-injured David West's back. Horry is nothing but a hatchet man and has come to represent the incredibly lucky and shady ways that the Spurs are surviving in these modern day playoffs. San Antonio would not have beat Phoenix last year without the suspensions and they would not be able to beat the Hornets in New Orleans with a healthy David West. Alas, there were suspension and West is not healthy and so the wins pile up. And Horry is always there, standing over a fallen player, smug and proud of his pathetic enforcer role.

Even worse than Horry though is every single person in San Antonio last night who lifted his voice to chant Horry's name. Being a villain is one thing. But the people who turn the villain into the hero just because he wears their uniform are beyond pathetic.

Have I mentioned how sick of the Spurs I am? Chris Paul, please, find some way to end this.


Anonymous said...

Man what is with the Spurs hate, Im not even a Spurs fan but Tony Parker has been knocked all over the place by Paul, West & Chandler. Is it ok because he's a foreigner or what?

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Cursed lack of an edit function.

Parker falls on his butt every time he drives to the lane, regardless of if he actually gets touched or not.

I applaud any team that hits him and actually earns the whistle that they're going to get blown against them anyway.