Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roy's All-Star Bid: Step One, Complete

In a previous post, I laid out a three-step process that would get Brandon Roy to the All-Star game. Today, Yahoo posted a story revealing that Allen Iverson had passed Tracy McGrady in the voting and landed a spot as a starter in the Western Conference. This means that Roy is probably doing his best Brian McNight impersonation in regard to AI: "[Step] One, You're like a dream come true."

Of course, many things must continue to go right for Roy. The coaches must focus on guards (step two) and probably freeze out the San Antonio backcourt (step three), which might be easier considering how poorly they have been playing as of late. But even then, Roy will need to beat out a crowded field of top flight Western Conference guards. With Kobe and Iverson in the starting lineup and Nash and Paul sure to secure bench spots, we are still left with three terrific candidates for 1-2 spots (one spot if Marion or another F/C gets a spot, two if six guards make the team). They are:

Baron Davis
Brandon Roy
Deron Williams

Even if the Parker and Ginobili "split the vote" and the coaches ignore Camby, Kaman, and Marion, there still aren't enough roster spots. And the truth is that since my previous post about all this, Williams has played the best of the trio. He's not the strongest defender, but when you look at his body of work, he is awfully tough to ignore.

Three guards, all deserving of a spot. Will any of them make the team? Stay tuned.

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