Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No Conscience

It's late and I'm tired, so my post about the thrilling Warriors-Spurs game tonight is going to be shorter than it really should be. I just have to remark on the fact that Stephen Jackson has no conscience whatsoever. The guy was having one of his worst games of the season, had thrown up multiple airballs while trying to draw fouls, and had missed about five threes in a row down the stretch and none of them were all that close.

So when the Warriors needed a big basket in overtime, what did Jackson do? He confidently backed Manu Ginobili into the post, drew a double team, and rifled a pinpoint pass to a teammate for a game-tying layup.

Moments later, he drained a huge three on an inbounds play to give his team the league. Then he hit another three. Then went down the lane and scored. Then made four straight free throws to seal the victory.

Are you kidding me?

It was a thrilling game featuring yet another epic performance from Baron Davis, big plays galore, a plethora of huge shots by Michael Finley, great play from Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, and some incredible hissy fits from Manu Ginobili. But the thing that struck me - even more than the Baron's 34 and 14 night, which was incredible - was the ability that Jackson showed to shake off a truly horrendous game and make the huge plays down the stretch. You have to have ice water in your veins to do that. Or no conscience whatsoever.

I have feeling that Crazy Glue has both working for him.

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