Thursday, January 31, 2008

Maybe He Tried to Hit David Stern With His Car

I know it is probably too soon to make jokes about NBA officiating conspiracies, but I'm starting to wonder what it is exactly that Amare Stoudemire has done to piss off every single referee in the league. Nobody, and I mean nobody, gets hosed more than Amare when it comes to bad calls. Tonight was no exception as he was whistled for a completely bizarre phantom offensive foul on a fast break and sent to the bench just two minutes into the game.

It never fails - whenever I watch the Suns, Amare gets in foul trouble without seeming to foul. Amazing stuff.

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jessica said...

I remember watching the recent Suns-Hawks game where Amare seemed to get the benefit of the doubt from the refs over Al Horford, and I thought 'It will be the other way around against Tim Duncan and the Spurs in the upcoming game.'
A team like the Hawks may rank below Suns on the NBA totem poll, but the Suns are still under the Spurs. I'm not sure I actually think it's that big a deal.