Saturday, January 05, 2008

NFL Playoffs: Going on Record

This is a basketball blog and right now all my pop culture energies are invested in the NBA and The Wire but there is still a tradition of posting predictions for the Big Three sports - both regular season and playoffs - on this blog.

So here they, just because.


Wild Card
SEATTLE 27 Washington 20
New York 24 TAMPA BAY 17

Divisional Round
Seattle 31 Green Bay 28
DALLAS 24 New York 17

NFC Title Game
Seattle 27 Dallas 24


Wild Card
PITTSBURGH 20 Jacksonville 13
SAN DIEGO 31 Tennessee 13

Divisional Round
NEW ENGLAND 31 Pittsburgh 21
San Diego 24 INDY 17

AFC Title Game
NEW ENGLAND 27 San Diego 20

Super Bowl
New England 34 Seattle 24

(Note: My preseason Super Bowl pick was Dallas over Pittsburgh, so I almost just stuck with that, but figured I'd go with two new teams. That way, I have twice as many chances to be right. Then it just becomes a matter of which picks I refer to. Pretty slick, no? Oh wait, that is what everyone does - they just don't admit it. Nevermind.)

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