Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maybe I'm Writing About the Wrong Sport?

The NBA is my first love and as I explained sometime back in the summer months, I decided that with time short and reader attention spans even shorter, I would specialize and make what was previously a "sports blog" and turn it into an "NBA blog."

However, this morning I received an email telling me that I'm an idiot for writing an article about "everyone ignoring LeBron" when that very day there were features about him on every major sports page (he was right - my timing was comically bad; it seems that I wasn't the only one inspired by the big game he had against Boston). In addition to being quite astute, this reader was also fairly kind, as he then said, "Maybe you should write about football instead, because [expletive], you're preseason picks were amazing."

This made me feel good, but also confused. I made NFL picks? Seriously?

Sure enough, it is true. Way back in August, I made one of my many "hey, I know I haven't been writing, but I'm going to!" posts and decided to throw my NFL picks into it. You can read the whole post here, but here are the picks themselves:

AFC Division Winners - New England, Indy, San Diego, and Pittsburgh.
AFC Wild Cards - Cincinnati and Jacksonville
NFC Division Winners - Philly, Seattle, New Orleans, Minnesota
NFC Wild Cards - Dallas and Green Bay

(That's right, I've got the Ravens and Bears sitting at home.)

Super Bowl - Pittsburgh over Dallas
MVP - Tom Brady
DPOY - Champ Bailey
ROY - Adrian Peterson
COY - Brad Childress

Obviously, there were a few misfires. Champ Bailey has been hurt much of the year and Brad Childress won't be winning Coach of the Year anytime soon. And Philly winning the NFL East? Whoops. Same with New Orleans winning the NFC South and Cinci getting a wild card. But other than that, I'm feeling pretty pleased. Minny won't win the NFL North, but they might make the playoffs and All Day Peterson looks like a lock for ROY. Brady for MVP looks like a lock as well. And while I probably should have tabbed New England to win it all, I can't feel too bad about Pittsburgh over Dallas in the Super Bowl. Throw in the Green Bay pick and the exclusion of the Ravens and Bears (you have to trust me on this, or trust your own memories, but this was not a common stance in the preseason), and I feel like these may be my best set of picks ever. In any sport. And I spent five minutes on them with no research.

I'm not sure what to make of all this, but I suspect it's actually not a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I like your NBA blog. My biggest complaint is that your post are infrequent, but I understand this is a hobby, not what pays the bills. I really enjoyed it around the playoffs last year.

Jason said...

I like your NBA blog a lot too; I don't comment on blogs, generally speaking, so while it might feel like nobody is reading most of the time, I really do enjoy reading your stuff, especially since I just don't get a chance to watch many games lately.