Monday, August 27, 2007

And ... We're Back

Please forgive yet another extended absence from the blog. I was travelling and then starting my new job, so things have been hectic. And speaking of new jobs, that is going to slow down the production level quite a bit. Not only is my new profession a tad on the demanding side, but it also would be in poor taste to make several posts each day, during work hours, using my real name. So this is going to be a morning, lunch hour, late night, weekend kind of thing, with the goal being 5-10 posts per week. We'll see how it goes.

I've got some stuff on tap regarding Team USA, including thoughts on J-Kidd's legacy, the way superstars turn it up on D, and some eyewitness accounts courtesy of my brother, Drew. So that should be fun.

For now, I'm going to break from all-NBA, all the time just long enough to post my NFL picks. After all, I need a place to put them, even if this is now just a hoops blog.

I'll make it quick:

AFC Division Winners - New England, Indy, San Diego, and Pittsburgh.
AFC Wild Cards - Cincinnati and Jacksonville
NFC Division Winners - Philly, Seattle, New Orleans, Minnesota
NFC Wild Cards - Dallas and Green Bay

(That's right, I've got the Ravens and Bears sitting at home.)

Super Bowl - Pittsburgh over Dallas
MVP - Tom Brady
DPOY - Champ Bailey
ROY - Adrian Peterson
COY - Brad Childress

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