Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Home For Nanny Stopper?

Forget the Mitchell Report, the big news today in sports is that the Clippers have waived Ruben Patterson. It isn't entirely clear from the Yahoo news blurb why this happened - maybe they just want to get rookie Al Thornton more playing time. But it means that once again, Patterson is one the market. I have to believe that a high-energy guy that plays good defense (no, he's not the "Kobe Stopper" he once proclaimed himself to be, but he does a solid job) and shoots a high percentage from the field could help a contender. I've always thought he'd be perfect off the bench for the Celtics, but they chose James Posey for that role instead.

Where else would Patterson be an asset? Phoenix could use him for his toughness and versatility, giving them some additional depth. However, they are so tight-fisted that they probably wouldn't even fork over the veteran minimum. Orlando could use him as a compliment to their more offensively inclined swingmen. That said, the one team that really comes to mind is New Orleans. They are already paper-thin on the wings and are relying on injury-prone guys and a rookie (Julian Wright) to get by and that is a shame, because Chris Paul is playing at an MVP level, David West is emerging as a go-to scorer in the paint and a true 20-10 guy, and Tyson Chandler continues to impress at center. Some added depth, energy, and toughness on the wing is exactly what this team needs (no offense, Morris Peterson).

So that's my vote. Ruben to the Hornets.


HawaiiVike said...

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