Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let Boobie Spin

I've received quite a few emails of the APB variety, wondering where I've been lately (okay, one email). I figure if the NBA can take a four-day vacation in June, so can I. Actually, that's not the real reason. The real reason is a combination of life events that are chewing up all available hours.

However, I did want to drop in on the eve of the NBA Finals long enough to post two things I got right. If you think it is lame to brag about topics of this manner, I can respect that, but I'm doing it anyway. I get so few things right that I'm going to take this opportunity to bask.

1. Cavs in the Finals. I picked them to win it all at the beginning of the regular season (note also that I tabbed Dirk as the MVP for the sole reason that the Mavs would win the most games - now that is kind of eerie), and then put them in the Finals in my playoff predictions. So I'm feeling good about that. Now if only I hadn't tabbed the Rockets to beat the Spurs in the WCF and then win it all ...

2. Daniel Gibson being sweet. In fairness, at one point I said he should be in the D-League, but for the most part, I've been singing his praises ... even if the main reason is that he's NOT Larry Hughes.

Speaking of Gibson, this whole "Boobie" nickname is uprorious. Apparently his mom gave him the nickname when he was a kid and would go home crying after getting beat up. (Although that still doesn't make much sense to me. Is a boobie someone who cries? Was she trying to say boo-boo, like he had a wound? I'm confused.) Regardless of HOW he got the name, it lends itself to some great comedy.

In fact, when I asked my brother where the nickname came from, he replied, "Maybe his teammates think he looks like Boobie Miles." I came back with a hopeful, "Really?" To which he replied, "I sure hope so."

That doesn't seem to be the case, but it didn't stop us from laughing for a very long time. Why? Because we've long used the line, "If you wanna win, let Boobie spin" as an intro for any cocky act of athleticism. Namely, during a scramble golf tournament during which we treated our teammates to a "If you wanna win, let Boobie spin" boast right before each shot.

Where does it come from? The answer is the movie Friday Night Lights, where the horribly injured star running back Boobie Miles begs to get back in the game by telling this very thing to his coach. He lays it out there: if you want to win, put me in the game.

Of course, Boobie does go in the game and then suffers a career-ending injury. So, admittedly, you have to kind of overlook the events in the movie to truly enjoy how funny the line can sound.

Or maybe it isn't funny and we are just insane. Totally possible. But it doesn't change the fact that this random movie quote has suddenly become appropriate for the NBA Finals. Because if the Cavs want to win, they need to let Boobie spin.

Gibson needs to attack the rim and get to the line. He needs to use his speed and confidence to square off with Tony Parker (Larry Hughes - even healthy - will be even more worthless against the Spurs, unless the Cavs go to a three-guard set and he somehow learns to play basketball). He needs to pump in threes. In short, he needs to be everything he was in Games Three through Six against Detroit.

If Boobie spins, the Cavs have a chance.

Screw it, I'm taking them. Cavs in Seven.


jessica said...

Before the Playoffs started, you couldn't see how Phoenix could possibly beat San Antonio, and yet you're giving the Cavs a chance?

You kill me.

I'm rooting for the Cavs though.

Anyway, it sounded to me like the 'Cry-baby Boobie' nickname was meant to be disparaging, that she was picking on him for not fighting back.

Christina said...

While this doesn't have much to do with this blog, I must say, I'm waiting for the more in-depth blog about the appointment of Steve Kerr as the GM for the Suns, because I think it could be a pretty awesome thing for everyone. You alluded to it in a previous column but nothing more has been posted...

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