Monday, November 06, 2006

Wrapping Up the NBA Preview: Finals and Awards


In the Finals I've got Cleveland over Houston, with King James getting his first ring. It's going to happen. (And yes, I realize I just picked an NBA Finals that would feature Rafer Alston and Eric Snow as the starting point guards. Go ahead and shoot me in the head now.)

As for the awards (players only):

MVP - Dirk Nowitzki. LeBron makes too much sense here, so I'm going against the grain. Plus, I have the Mavs winning the most games in the regular season and that is often where you can look to the MVP during any given year.

Rookie of the Year - Brandon Roy. And not just because his name is spelled R-O-Y as about 14,000 hacks have noticed the past few weeks (if you have made a Roy for ROY joke or reference anytime after July, you are too late - give it up). He's getting a ton of playing time in Portland, has a very mature, all-around game, and I have a huge man crush on him.

Defensive Player of the Year - Andrei Kirilenko. I've got Utah winning its division and maybe even 50 games, which would give AK-47 the needed visibility. Plus, I think he's staying healthy this year. Why? Because he's finally not on any of my fantasy teams.

Most Improved Player - Andrew Bynum. This is cheating a little since I've seen him play a few times, but for a 19-year old big man to go from unplayable to good in the span of one offseason is remarkable.

Jack/Kaitlin from The O.C.:

Finals: Lakers over Cleveland! Lebron's horrendous free throw shooting costs the Cavs the title and the Bynum Era begins. (Adam's note: what a homer.)

MVP: Lebron, obvi. Yao finishes second.
ROY: Brandon Roy, again, obvi.
Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard
Most Improved: Shaun Livingston

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