Saturday, November 04, 2006

LeBron Has Yuge Game Against Spurs

No, that's not a misprint. A night of listening to Mike Brey will have you dropping your H's like Tony Kornheiser. Larry Yughes made a bunch of jumpers, Yubie Brown had a nice game in the booth, and yes, LeBron had a yuge game.

No, seriously, it was YUGE.

The Cavs are trying to take the "next step" this year (which seems to be kind of an NBA thing) and there is really no better way to start that process than by going on the road to beat the Spurs in the second game of the season. San Antonio, after all, won 34 of 41 at home last year and is deemed by many to be the best team in the league this year. You don't get wins that are of a higher quality than this one. (Or that are "yuger" than this one.)

LeBron's line of 35-10-4 doesn't really do his performance justice, because the game had grinding feel to it. His 35 points felt more like 45 and it certainly felt like he had 15 boards, especially the way he worked the glass on the offensive end. He abused Bruce Bowen all game and to be honest, Bowen was such a nonfactor that you didn't even notice he was on the floor. LeBron got whatever he wanted and he either made the shot or missed it - the defense was kind of a moot point.

And, of course, there was this dunk, which brought the house down (and remember, this was San Antonio's house).

I know it is the first week of the season, but 'Bron made one hell of a statement.

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Branden Higa said...

hah, hah! I'm so glad someone else notices the proliferation of the y-for-h substitution. Its driving me crazy. Kind of like when people from the mid-west say "Warsh" instead of "Wash".

Oh, and can somebody help me with this mystery? Why is Tony Kornheiser never in studio for PTI on Mondays? Did he get some gig on Monday night? I wonder where he is hiding?