Monday, November 06, 2006

Wrapping Up the NBA Preview: Eastern Conference

Now for the Eastern Conference.

1. New Jersey
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland
4. Miami
5. Chicago
6. Orlando
7. Washington
8. Indiana

Note: I switched Cleveland and Chicago, because A) I can do whatever I want and rules don't apply to me, and B) I came to my senses and realized that Team Stern would never allow LeBron to enter the playoffs as a lower seed.

That said, I would have the Nets beating Indiana, the Wizards upsetting the Pistons, the Cavs crushing Orlando, and the Bulls beating Miami (they had their number last year and now are better, while the Heat is worse).

In the next round I'm looking at Bulls over Nets and Cavs beating the Wizards (as the LeBron-Gilbert rivalry grows in stature) with the Cavs beating Chicago to reach the finals.

Jack: With Detroit and Miami looking like they have some major problems, the Eastern conference suddenly looks pretty weak. This is what I got:
1. Cleveland
2. Detroit
3. Miami
4. New Jersey
5. Chicago
6. Indiana
7. Washington
8. Orlando

First round: Cleveland beats Orlando, I think the Wizards will upset Detroit too, Miami over the Pacers, Bulls over Nets.

Second round: Cleveland over Bulls, Wizards over Miami (as long as we're picking upsets)

Conference finals: Cleveland over Wizards

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