Saturday, June 09, 2007

See Below

My only comment after Game One of Cavs-Spurs is "see below." The Cavs need to play Gibson and keep Hughes on the bench. End of story. John Hollinger spent 1,500 words over on ESPN basically saying "let Boobie spin." It is too obvious to break down all over again.

So, see below.


Anonymous said...

Boobie's fantasy stock has been rising the past few weeks and I'm sure 99% of leagues will have someone draft him way too early for next season.

The finals are really kind of not interesting...and this interesting article on TrueHoop kind of got me thinking...and feeling guilty at various levels (political, childhood memories, and life as a sports fan)...but I still think the finals are not that interesting...oh well. Give me Kobe.

"You Want It, You Got It"

John said...

Why the hell does Larry Hughes make 13+ million a year?

Anonymous said...

How about that foul at the very end of Game 3? When Bowen actually tries to be seen fouling someone intentionally the ref doesn't call it. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... that was pathetic. I'm used to it now after watching the Suns series. Bowen constantly hacks, grabs, pushes, and pulls the player he is guarding and never seems to be in foul trouble. Why should the refs change their stance with the game on the line? The Spurs are just too good anyway, it's not like they get favorable officiating or anything.

Disgusting.... sigh.

Anonymous said...'s me again, continuing my on-going conversation with myself on here, acting like multiple people. I'm just checking in after reading that the god-awful, dirty, and most successful franchise in the major sports in the last decade won yet again.


Rick said...

what - no more posts here? - are you all out of snark or what?

Christina said...

I'm disappointed with the lack of posts recently... nothing in-depth about Steve Kerr being named GM of the Suns, nothing about the rest of the finals (although I guess pretty much no one watched them, and no one cares about them), nothing about the possible summer plans of various teams... disappointing.

Brandon said...

Worst. Finals. Ever. I didn't even watch games 3 and 4 and I'm a huge NBA fan.

Thanks, San Antonio, for being crappy to watch and impossible to root for.

jess said...

Yeah I was disappointed he stopped updating. But he did say in the last post that he doesn't have the time.