Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I apologize for the extended absence, but was moving across the country and have had neither time nor Internet access. As it is, I'm typing this standing up, with "borrowed" broadband, while keeping one eye out the window for the moving truck. By Friday I should be rolling with some Draft coverage.

In the meantime, bullet point thoughts on the NBA (since I'm considering making this an NBA only blog - more on that later):

- Kobe Bryant is crazy.

- Are the playoffs over?

- I actually really liked the Mike James trade for the Rockets. Juwan Howard isn't any good and is the type of guy that always seems to demand 25 crappy minutes of PT. Now Houston can aggressively pursue a power forward with their exception (I suggested Mikki Moore about a month back) and they will be far more athletic next season. James was great in his first stint in Houston a few years back and is a perfect combo guard to add speed and playmaking to the Rockets backcourt. I know this trade was pretty minor, but I think it will wind up being a big deal.

- Interesting hire by the Kings. Reggie Theus never really impressed me with having a sharp basketball mind back when he would do Pepperdine games for Fox Sports West, but as we all know, being a good broadcaster and being a good coach are usually not related at all (see: Rivers, Doc).

I will be back with more later, but I need to post this before I lose my wireless signal.


Garry Shuck said...

Hey, glad you're back, although I was finding a certain amount of humor in the fact that your posts dropped off suddenly after game 1, just like the viewers.

Rick said...

good insight on the Kobe situation - he's crazy - that explains a lot

Josh Stump said...

Hope the move went well.

I agree all around, especially the Mike James trade. Not sure why Minnesota felt like it was a good idea to get worse and make one of their competitors better, but that's not the first thing McHale has done that I didn't understand.

Can't wait for the updated draft thoughts. I'm planning a running live draft diary on my blog for the draft that will define my fanship of the Blazers for the next 10 years at least. No pressure.