Saturday, June 07, 2008

Poor Phoenix

The Rudy Fernandez news today served as yet another sobering reminder of what could have been in Phoenix. Rajon Rondo is excelling in the Finals (unless you believe Jeff Van Gundy, in which case Rondo's mere existence is a national tragedy), Shawn Marion is about to become a key player in free agency this summer, Mike D'Antoni is the new savior in New York, and now Rudy is joining the young, loaded Blazers ... simply because Robert Sarver either can't or won't pay the luxury tax.

As good as this Lakers-Celtics matchup is, I still feel ripped off as a fan that we never got to see the True Suns in the NBA Finals.


Anonymous said...

As a suns fan who has watched every single game they have played for the last 2 years I would like to thank Sarver for freeing up some of my time next season. Because I can not bear to watch them try to implement a new system and watch Steve Nash's last 1 or 2 productive years go to waste. I can't believe how much Sarver has screwed this town.

Oh well, at least I still have the Cardinals.

jsuns1 said...

ditto for what anonymous said above...except for me it'll be the d-backs & maybe the trailblazers, I like Oden, so many what ifs with this
suns team, it's ugly. They should've dumped Amare when they could, but, with luck being what it is, I figure Porter will do well there and Amare might finally start playing like a smart player with some good coaching...maybe..Nash, tough to watch him make so many turnovers last year, i know they changed styles, etc with the shaq trade, but it was ugly to watch...