Friday, June 06, 2008

One Bullet Dodged

Derrick Rose dodged a rather big bullet today when it was reported that Doug Collins would not, in fact, accept the Bulls' head coaching position. It seems increasingly likely (well, at least if you read Chad Ford) that Chicago will take the home-grown point guard with the first pick. The problem was that Collins' teams have always played a grueling pace, which would have put the brakes on Rose's electric potential. Now, the search is back on and I've already heard the name Chuck Person thrown out there. I have no idea how Person coaches, but it has to be more free-wheeling than Collins.

The other name I think we'll see surface? Avery Johnson. And if Devin Harris is a proxy for Rose, that isn't very good news either. Avery is a terrific guy and - I think - a fantastic coach, but he's not exactly a young point guard's best friends. I believe the expression is "control freak."

Anyway, it will be exciting to watch the most important story that virtually no one is talking about continue to unfold.

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