Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yellow is Denver's Favorite Color

It is halftime of the Broncos-Pats game and right now, Denver has to be downright giddy. They were on the verge of going into halftime scoreless, down anywhere from 3-0 to 10-0. Then, Kevin Faulk gift-wrapped a fumble and things spiraled out of control for the Patriots. Another fumble by Ellis Hobbs bracketed a touchdown by Denver that was controversial to say the least. With their offense sputtering, Plummer heaved one deap toward Ashley Lelie. Now, if you play fantasy football at all, you know that Lelie sucks. Sure enough, he got abused on the deep route as Asanti Samuel read it so well that he became the receiver on the play. He beat him to the route, got inside position, and made a move to intercept the pass. Despite the fact that he played the ball perfectly (and the fact that Lelie committed offensive pass interference about six times on the play), Samuel was flagged for one of those ridiculous "first and goal at the one" PI penalties that result when the foul occurs in the end zone. Denver punched it in on the next play and took a 7-3 lead. It was honestly one of the worst calls I've ever seen in an NFL game. Wow.


Adam Hoff said...

I still say that pass interference call was atrocious, but it turned out that New England's turnover problem was their undoing. Two fumbles on special teams, two picks by Brady (including the brutal Bailey play), and the Faulk cough-up were too much to overcome. Throw in the missed field goal and that sure didn't look much like the Patriots out there.

I will add this: I'm not calling Denver lucky, but they had better not play like that again in the playoffs or they are going home to. Can you ever remember a team knocking of the defending champs by two scores and doing it in less impressive fashion?

Anonymous said...

No comments on the remainder of the games? Nothing about the Little Baby (Peyton Manning)? Nothing about all the upsets? At least mention the horrible calls, since this site is about yellow flags. Are you asleep at the switch?