Friday, January 20, 2006

History in the Making?

The NFL has featured 39 Super Bowls since the game's inception in January of 1967, and never before has a team seeded fifth or sixth reached the final showdown. Now, suddenly, there is a chance that TWO teams might do it. The red hot Steelers take on the Broncos and the unstoppable Panthers go to Seattle, both looking to pull of the improbably feat. Not only that, but both teams have a great chance at winning. They are each 3.5 point underdogs, which isn't a whole lot for a low seed playing on the road. Both teams made huge statements last weekend, have momentum, and take on teams that didn't look terribly impressive in the previous round. Needless to say, it should be interesting. Consider this your place for reports, updates, comments, and bad jokes for the conference championship games this weekend.


craig said...

So who do you got winning? I would just go back to older blogs, but you didn't exactly have these matchups projected. (By the way, I'm not criticizing ... you tried to pick from the opening round on, which is tough when the matchups change based on who wins the wild card games. Just saying that we have no idea who you might think will win based on past picks.)

So, how about it?

Adam Hoff said...

Good point. I had the Panthers winning two games (as they did), but then playing the Bears (impossible). On the other side, I was horrendous.

So ... for tomorrow's games I am going with:

Pittsburgh over Denver 27-24. Should be close, both teams will play better offense than expected given their familiarity with blitz packages, and in the end, I think that the Steelers will ride their wave of destiny to the Super Bowl.

Seattle 31-21. The Panthers are playing great, but I think they are more likely to see their "Road Warriors" bubble burst than the Steelers. The Hawks have a hungry Alexander at RB, the steady Hasselbeck at QB, and a plethora of big play guys on both sides of the ball. The Panthers, on the other hand, are more hit and miss. They have Steve Smith, but if he is double-covered (as he should be), then what? Delhomme is streaky, Goings doesn't have the outside speed of Foster, and the secondary isn't as good as they have looked the past two weeks. Give me the underrated Seahawks in this one.

Adam Hoff said...

Just wanted to point something out:

If you cover your eyes during a Matt Hasselbeck interview, he sounds EXACTLY like Landon from the Real World, Philadelphia.

Adam Hoff said...

Well, the games today weren't terribly exciting, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I like the Steelers and the Seahawks are my default hometown team (grew up in Portland area). So that worked out nice. Plus, I was able to bounce back somewhat from two awful rounds of picks (2-2 in the first round, 1-3 in the second). Good stuff all around.

As for the Super Bowl, I am weighing in early and going with Seattle 27-21. I think the Seahawks have the perfect defense to slow down Big Ben and the Steelers, and I like the way Hasselbeck is managing the game and the way that Alexander ran with something to prove today. The Seahawks feel just like the White Sox did during the baseball season: underrated to start the season, then winning games at will, then underrated again to start the postseason, then just being much better than anyone realizes. If only Mike Holmgren had a thick accent and waved a Venezuelan flag around all the time, we'd be set.

Anonymous said...

You are on crack. The Seahawks are a joke and the Steelers will destroy them. The AFC is vastly superior as a conference, and Pittsburgh just won three road games against the #1, #2, and #3 seeds. Plus, they are absolutely on fire behind Big Ben.

Adam Hoff said...

You should say what you really think. Okay, bad joke.

Hey, to each his own though, you know? You are entitled to your anonymous opinion. However, there was another team that Seattle played that was "on fire" and "beating tough teams on the road." That teams was the Panthers and they just got worked.

I like both these teams and actually (unlike most people) feel that the best teams in each league actually won. The Steelers are the best 10-6 team ever and the Seahawks are better than people think. Just because they played in a bad conference and an awful division doesn't mean they aren't any good. Again, Seattle reminds me a lot of the White Sox from last summer and fall. (And, ironically, the Steelers remind me a lot of the Astros.) If you still think the White Sox aren't any good, then I don't really know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be the worst Super Bowl in history. Blah.

tj said...

Where is the Super Bowl chatter? Who cares about the NBA. Pro hoops is awful. At least write about college basketball. Who you got making the Final Four? Still sticking with your MSU/Nova/UConn/Gonzaga group? ESPN ran their picks yesterday and they agree with you on MSU and Uconn. That has to worry you!