Monday, July 07, 2008

Mario Chalmers' Press Man, At Your Service

Just wanted to drop a note to boast about my boy Chalmers.

Everyone is talking about the 28 that Beasley thew up today - and for good reason - but Super Mario quietly showed why I've been so excited about his pro prospects. I managed to watch a good portion of the game on TiVo and filled in any gaps with some fantastic scouting from my boy Josh Stump.

The verdict: Chalmers is going to be a huge factor for the Heat next year. He showed better playmaking skills than even I expected, his jumper still looked quiet and consistent (as always), and his D was just tremendous. He was physical and quick and doing all the Rondo kinds of things that Seattle spent the #4 pick hoping to get from Russell Westbrook. In fact, his defense was so stifling that it left everyone unsure of how to comment on Derrick Rose's performance. The Bulls' new franchise point guard had a rough outing, going just 3-for-8 with five turnovers. So ... bad showing, right? Not so fast. I think he was just having a tough time with the "straight jacket!" (Kevin Harlen voice) that Chalmers had him in. I think we have to wait and see on Rose. (And that's assuming we care at all about summer league results. See: Banks, Marcus. See: Belinelli, Marco.)

But I don't think we have to wait and see on Chalmers. He has been removed from the college courts where he served as the undersized shooting guard on a loaded Kansas team and transplanted in a bigger, faster setting, where he himself looks bigger and faster, and, well, better.

I'm very excited, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I loved Chalmers at Kansas; Could not believe that he and Arthur fell so far. CDR also fell; not sure what these guys are thinking in NBA scouting rooms. Is Batun or some other noname from parts unknown worth the risk of taking over a star College player with NBA size & skill???

Matthew said...

No Doubt Chalmers was a steal. Arthur however was a conspiracy. Memphis created some crazy notion he had a kidney problem so they could get him in the 2nd round and pay less money for him until they move the team to Seattle. CdR will have to prove me wrong. He is a frail scorer who will have trouble getting to the basket for about 2 years. Oh well, He won't cost much to wait on.

Samuel said...
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logicsound04 said...

What are you guys talking about? NBA GMs are geniuses?

Who would pass on a proven clutch playmaker like Mario Chalmers when you could have Foreign Power Forward X, who is 8 feet tall and has a wingspan like an octopus. Who cares that he only weighs 100 lbs, can't bench press a broomstick, and showed his best moves against Euro league scrubs and chairs?

Every GM seems to think that THEY are going to be the brilliant exec who finds the diamond in the rough. However, they don't seem to realize that of the NBA players who eventually became stars, very few of them were so much of a project that they couldn't even cut it in the league yet.

The best players come to the NBA and can hold their own to some degree.

I'm going to enjoy watching Mario and Arthur make the 20-some teams that passed on them look stupid this season.

Kramer said...

This article only looks smarter today: Chalmers had 19 and 9 against the nets! Almost a double double in his 2nd time out.

Anonymous said...

Man Chalmers is a beast. I love the heat and when the bulls pasted on Rose i was s relieved. Beastly and Chalmers were steals in the Draft. GO HEAT! =]

Kevin said...

Yea Mario Chalmers was the steal of the draft...i mean in the last 2 games combined he was 30 points, 15 assists, and only 4 turnovers compared to Derrick Roses 19points, 11 assists, and 8turnovers. Stats don't lie...

Anonymous said...

Now you see why other Big 12 teams knew that Mario was the best guy on the Kansas team. There is a reason Bill Self always gave him the ball at the end of the game. A reason he was MOP of the Final Four. Big 12 defensive POY as a sophmore and Junior. Big 12 tournament MOP.
He's a faster Kirk Hinrich with a better shot. He's a playa.

Anonymous said...

I 'm a true K.U. fan. Born in Lawrence,KS went to school there and always followed K.U. basketball. For those who don't know Rush was supposed to be the man since his freshman year. B ut this lil' guy named Mario, who shut down Monte Ellis in high school who at the time was avg close to 30ppg, came to K.U. and diid the same thing to everybody he held (except D.J. Augustine). He was a big time player EVERY SINGLE GAME! He never played intmidated, always competitive. I don't think you can teach the things he brings to th tablle. GO K.U.

Anonymous said...

Name 1 other PG who completed 3yrs of school, had more steals, played better man up D, and was more consistent than Chalmers. Not to mention he is CLUTCH.

Dee-Up said...

People - we're talking about Summer League Results.


Not a regular season game.
Not a post season game.

We talkin' about SUMMER LEAGUE.

A lot of players Chalmers got minutes against wont even be on a NBA roster in the next couple of weeks.

No doubt he's got skill and potential and (hopefully) the will.

But we talkin' about SUMMER LEAGUE.

Anonymous said...

HE did go head to head against d rose, but yes its summer league. However, He is a lotto pick, and Chicago drank so much Rose's cool aid from the tourney that they passed on beasley when they need exactly what he does. Rose might be another jay williams or name the list. For the only 2=paul and williams, theres 20 #1 picks PG's that have faltered. Miami with beasley and chalmers and dwade can be the showtime lakers. Add Marion or whomever riley trades him for, plus haslem the dirty work man and watch out. Plus, ZO said he is going to take b easy under his wing this year and make him a man, ""reminds him of himself in 92"" . His exact words . GO HEAT-------WE ARE BACK, AND YOUNG !!!!!!!!!!

Stankoniforous One said...

As a KU alum (c/o '03) the draft was great. Five KU players taken, however, most real KU fans knew from jump that Chalmers was NBA ready. He was literally the steal of the draft. After it's all said and done the reports will read #1. Nets #2 Heat.

He should cut into JWill's minutes and get some burn. Watch out East!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that all GM execs are not that bright prime example Mario Chalmers. Just watch his defense, then his jumper, then his playmaking, then his poise, I would keep going but I dont have enough room. O did I mention he won against Mayo, Bayless, Augustine, Rose, want me to keep going. Come on people watch KU Film.

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