Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moon Watch

I'm obsessed with Jamario Moon of the Raptors. Maybe it's because of his last name and it harkens back to the resentment I feel that I wasn't a wide-eyed child during Project Apollo. Maybe it's the fact that he's one of those "never give up" guys. Maybe it's because a week ago I'd never heard of him and yesterday he was picked up off the waiver wire in my most competitive fantasy basketball league.

Whatever the reason, I'm watching Moon's every move. I'm noting the 12 and 6 with 3 steals in a blowout win over the Bulls and the 15 points and 2 steals in a narrow loss to the Jazz. I'm charting his minutes and have even added him to my Google News email updates.

For now though, I wanted to post this solid piece by Ryan McNeill that was posted on HoopsWorld a couple of weeks ago and that does a nice job of telling Moon's story, filling in the details on how a guy suddenly appears in the starting lineup of a playoff contender as a 27-year old rookie.

Anyway, give it a read and start watching this guy play, because he's fun to watch and he's just a great story. Maybe he will turn out to be another Linton Johnson or Ronald Dupree - a guy that breaks out of the D-League world for a brief moment with heart and hustle, only to fade away just as quickly - or maybe he will having some staying power. I for one, am tuning in to find out.

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