Saturday, September 30, 2006

Public Enemy Number One in Houston, Texas

I can't imagine that Astros fans are terribly happy with Brewers' manager Ned Yost right now. Not after he pulled Ben Sheets from a dominant shutout effort. Not after he stayed with supremely mediocre reliever Jose Capellan. Not when he walked Juan Encarnacion to put the go-ahead run on base. Certainly not when all of that culminated in a Jericho-like mushroom cloud when pinch hitter Scott Spiezio drove in three runs with a triple. 3-2, Cards. Ballgame. Season over for Houston. Well, at least it is pretty much over, unless they win today and tomorrow and St. Louis loses, then loses again in a makeup game against San Francisco on Monday.

Just yesterday it looked like the Astros might be the NL favorites. Now they are done like dinner. No, Houston fans can't be pleased with Ned Yost at all.

(By the way, doesn't it seem like Spiezio is always doing this? He hit the home run that basically won the 2002 World Series for Anaheim and has had a variety of pretty big hits in this career, which is surprising, because he sucks something awful pretty much all of the time. Has there ever been a worse player with more big hits? Someone needs to research this.)

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