Thursday, March 17, 2005

Like Clockwork

Kevin Harlan ... so seductive
It took until the 12:39 mark in the second half of the Utah-UTEP game, but we finally got a "Seductive fake!" call from Kevin Harlan. The TBS color commentator usually reserves this exclamation of praise for NBA players, but every once in a while he breaks it out for the college kids. I remember 'Melo getting it a lot in the 2003 Tourney. This year's first proud recipient is Filiberto Rivera of UTEP. Congrats, Filiberto.

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Anonymous said...

Adam- I share your enthusiasm about Kevin Harlan. The "seductive fake" call couldn't be more perfect. It simply takes the game to a whole new level. I especially enjoy the sexual undertones of the comment. The implication that a player could not resist the temptation... just couldn't help himself is brilliant. Because indeed, that is what seduction and ball fakes are all about.