Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Breaking Down #5 vs. #12

Is Tech doomed to be one
of this year's fallen #5 seeds?
Trying to figure out which 5-12 games will end in upsets is one of the great tournament traditions. In an effort to help us predict these wild affairs with more accuracy, I performed an exhaustive breakdown of the 20 such games since 2000. What did this research tell us? Believe it or not, Georgia Tech is the team most likely to lose, followed by Villanova. Not what you expected, right? (Probably wrong too, but that's beside the point.) To see out how I arrived at these conclusions, check out the full column by clicking on the title of this entry. It was meant to be a Blog, but (surprise, surprise) it ended up being almost 2,000 words and had to be posted as a full column. Anyway, check it out and feel free to come back here to discuss.

I'll be coming right back with high school hoops and hip hop "diss records."


Adam Hoff said...

Well, the early returns on the exhaustive study don't look good. Alabama was a team rated third most likely to lose as a #5 seed and looked pretty bulletproof (only strike against them was their conference), but they are getting beat like a drum in the early going by UW-Milwaukee. The Panthers are already 7-10 from three and while that might not continue, they are absolutely shutting down 'Bama on the other end.

Dubes said...

I just wanted to say blogger is da shizznit!