Thursday, March 06, 2008

MVP Recount

I recently threw up a post about last weekend the magical coincidence that saw the three top MVP candidates all put up amazing performances on national television. At the end, I cast my "ballot" and ranked the candidates as such:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Chris Paul
3. LeBron James

In what is probably going to become a trend, I am being forced to reconsider on the fly. Last night, while Kobe was idle, James and Paul were going nuts. LeBron, you know all about. The crazy, effortless dunk in warmups, the 40-footer that he drained like a free throw, the seven three-point bombs, the 50-10-8 with four steals (one of three players in the last 20 years to add 10 dimes to 50 points), and the taunting of Spike Lee. It was all pretty incredible stuff. So he's the new #1 on my ballot. Forget historical trends or what place the Cavs are in, this guy is the best player in the league, having just an incredible season. For today at least, he's out in front.

As for Paul, he simply kept tormenting the Hawks, punishing them for not drafting him in 2005. He had 15 and 10 at halftime and finished with 23 points and 18 dimes as he continues to showcase why he's the next Isiah Thomas.

So here's the new ballot, with apologies to Kobe, since he didn't get to play last night:

1. LeBron James
2. Chris Paul
3. Kobe Bryant

(Note: Poor KG had his best game of the season and still can't crack the top three.)

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Brandon said...

Good call. One major factor that gives LeBron the edge (in my opinion) is that he's been carrying this horrible Cavs team for years. Sure, he's slacked off at times, but this season he's been playing like a man possessed. I guarantee if Kobe were in Cleveland he'd be pouting around the court and demanding a trade.

MVP-caliber attitude counts in my book.