Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Simple Trade Request

With all of the trades that have happened and the promise of more to come, it probably seems greedy to ask for yet another deal. But that's what I'm doing right now, because there is one remaining trade that would ensure even more excitement in May and June ... Mike Miller and Kyle Lowry to the Cavs.

Chad Ford mentioned this possibility in his column on possible trades today and I admit that it made my heart race a little bit.

I've long been a Mike Miller fan in spite of his poor defense and egregious hair stylings. I think he's an underrated passer and athlete and obviously a fantastic shooter, so he's got value to any team (notably Denver). But he couldn't possibly more better anywhere else than he'd be in Cleveland. Put him on the wing and let him shoot threes all day, courtesy of LeBron. It's genius!

I suspect that Miller would be the focus of such a deal, but to me, the secret weapon for the Cavs is Lowry. He's fast, tough, and tenacious and would be a massive upgrade at the point over Larry Hughes (Boobie would still get his 25-30 mpg as a combo guard) and would in fact allow Hughes to go the wing where he's had more success this year. Check out how the Cavs' lineup would look in a few months:

G - Kyle Lowry
G - Mike Miller
F - LeBron James
F - Drew Gooden
C - Big Z (giving my spell checker a rest)
6th - Larry Hughes
B - Daniel Gibson
B - Anderson Verajon
B - Sasha Pavlovic

Now that's a solid nine-man rotation. Gibson can play with Hughes and Lowry with Miller, which always gives Cleveland an attacking guard on one side of LeBron and a shooter on the other (so long as they ban Hughes from taking jumpers). Which means that the Cavs would be right back in the mix in the East and would add another contender in that depleted conference.

Anything that keeps the East more interesting and keeps LeBron in the playoffs longer counts as a good idea in my book.

Now all we need is for Memphis to do something idiotic ... which is the easy part.

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jsuns1 said...

that would be awesome, I've wanted miller for the suns for months now, but if we aren't going to get him, I'd love to see Lebron get him.