Friday, September 28, 2007

My Marion Post

I've received a number of emails asking for my take on Shawn Marion and his recent trade requests, so here it is:

Shut up, Shawn.

There are many recent trends in the sporting world that have me feeling less than thrilled, namely the fact that the summer of 2007 turned into a real life version of Cosmo Kramer's fake talk show retooling: "Scandals and Animals."

However, more than point shaving, dogfighting, steroids, cheating, or anything else, the thing I am most tired of is the whining of star NBA players. These guys make in excess of $10 million per year because they are supposed to be star players, and then they cry about not getting enough help or love or respect or private jets or whatever. Get over it.

Shawn Marion needs to take a little trip next week. He needs to chose five random people in the Phoenix area and go shadow them at their places of employment. Pick them right out of the phonebook and follow them around, Monday through Friday. See how much "love" they get. See how fawned over they are. How much they get paid, how their bosses treat them, how many standing ovations they receive, how many autograph requests they get from people who think they are heroes. I'm guessing he will come away feeling pretty, pretty, pretttyyyyy good (as Larry David would say) about his current job as the starting power forward on the most exciting basketball team in the world.

I know Marion has worked hard for what he has and I'm not the type to begrudge athletes their enormous salaries. I'm a free market guy. Hooray capitalism and all that. However, nothing is more off-putting than someone being ungrateful about his spoils. You don't win the lottery and then complain about it. You just don't.

So anyway, that is my take. Maybe Marion will be traded (quite possibly for fellow baby AK-47), maybe he won't. Frankly, I hope it all works out for the Suns, but I don't really care about The Matrix.

Just shut up, already.


Brandon said...

As a Jazz fan, I'd LOVE an AK47 for The Matrix trade. I think Andrei would flourish in Phoenix's run-and-gun style of play.

But as Bill Simmons says, this is the No Balls Association, so neither team will do anything because maybe if they leave the problem alone it will solve itself.

Branden Higa said...

I have no clue why Marion is making asuch a ruckus. He is the highest paid player on the Suns as it is and should he continue in Phoenix, he's be looking at a nice fat pay-off when he becomes a free agent in two years. Plus, he will have 2 legit shots at getting himself a ring.

If he somehow manages to get out of Phx this year, he will be looking at 2 years of diminished stats and subsequently, he will get a lot less money when his contract expires. Its a no win situation for Marion.

On a side note, I am based in LA and have been hearing non-stop talk from local sports honks about the beni's of Marion possible coming to the Lakers. To which I must reply the following... Nobody in their right mind would give up Marion for anything less than something involving Lamar Odom. However, an Odom-Marion swap would hurt both teams. Marion would not be as good in LA's system and vice-versa with Lamar.

While we are on the topic of LA, why wouldn't a trade involving Kobe be possible? (Marion + Barbosa?) LA would still be a playoff contender and Phx would get their title shot... or completely self-destruct... anyways, just some thoughts, none of them well thought out, obviously...

jsuns1 said...

I sure agree with your comments, Marion has some serious issues, just listen to him talk, I've always thought he was nice enough, but more moody than most, and not very bright, I guess we can add selfish to the list. I agree with Branden and the no win trade for Odom, even though Odom has the character and heart levels that are simply awesome and a good fit for the suns in that area. Let's face this thought, except for the Spurs and Dallas, (and maybe one or 2 other teams) the suns really do great, it'd be nice to have odom strictly for the spurs, and have him play 20-25 minutes a game..

love the comments by Adam about having Marion follow 5 random phx workers, but that would never happen, Marion has been building this "I'm not being given enough respect thing for years" and isn't looking for the truth, but looking to be the center of a team....selfish..selfish...selfish.
I really hope he gets traded just so he can learn how lucky he was to be with the Suns...

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