Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't Call It A Comeback

Actually, okay, you can call it that.

Many (read: a handful) of you are wondering where I've been, why I haven't commented on the referee scandal, and what the future of this blog looks like. Here are answers to those three questions:

1. Where I've Been. I believe it was mentioned in previous posts, but I've been busy preparing for, taking, and recovering from the California state bar exam. I think it went well (the dreaded multiple choice leaves you with no idea whether you passed or not), but won't know until November. While preparing, I couldn't pursue my other interests and hobbies without feeling guilty, so I just studied all day long. But now it is over.

2. Why I Haven't Discussed the Referee Scandal. For starters, see above. This whole thing happened during my hiatus from blogging, which meant there was no chance I would be talking about it at length on this space. However, I probably would have passed anyway. The coverage of this was oversaturated to begin with and it all seemed too depressing to really sink my teeth into. I will say that my gut reaction when I first heard was "suck it, Stern." I'm not saying that the NBA should have prevented this or that it is David Stern's fault, but I do think he deserved to get a nice, juicy scandal dropped in his lap. He's become so drunk on power the last few years and so completely ignorant about domestic issues in his fan base that he officially reached the point where he deserved to get crapped on. If this whole scandal humbles him or forces major changes in the way the NBA is run and administered, or even provides us with a new commissioner, it will be well worth it. I know that sounds messed up, but that's just how I feel.

(As for the NBA games being rigged ... of course they are! We've all known this for years, haven't we?)

3. The Future of This Blog. Those of you who also read the columns over at WhatifSports will note that my column doesn't exist anymore. The process of leaving the site has been in the works for a while and we were communicating about the best way to end things ... and then suddenly they stopped communicating and just eliminated any trace of my existence. Yeah, weird. So the first step will probably be to change the web address of this blog, which shouldn't be a huge deal since I think I drove away all but 3 or 4 readers with the extended absence.

Beyond changing the IP address, the future of the blog is a bit up in the air. As mentioned above, I finished the bar, which means I start working at a law firm in a few weeks. No longer living the glorious life of a student means fewer hours in the day to write, which is a problem because now I have far more writing projects than I can handle. The blog might be a casualty of the new schedule. We shall see.

For now, I am going to keep throwing up some posts when the mood strikes. I'll be gone all of next week and am unlikely to post much during my first few weeks at the new job, so the next month makes for a good test run to see if the page can survive in a diminished capacity. It may require bringing in co-bloggers, or coming up with a gimmick to support a one-post-a-day kind of thing, or it may result in official retirement from the blogging game.

If the blog does survive and thrive, it will officially become an all-NBA blog, because I think the only way to post content that is in any way worth reading is to pick your favorite sport and specialize there. Over time, with enough quality insight, lucky predictions, and humor, people will eventually start clicking on the link to get your take. So even though it pains me to abandon other sports in a year where I have a legitimate shot at picking every MLB playoff team (right now the Cubs are a half-game out of first in the NL Central and the Phillies are two games back in the Wild Card - all other picks are correct), I feel there is no choice but to focus on basketball, and to use the NBA as the viewpoint for all things basketball (including the NCAA tournament).

That was probably too much information, but I'm convinced that blogs are only worthwhile these days if there is specialization and transparency. I already explained the former and this whole post explains the latter.

I'll be back soon with thoughts on the latest KG rumors.


Jeff W said...

Adam, if you choose to dissolve your blog altogether because you can write bball only once in a blue moon, please consider writing for I write sporadically, but with nine contributors currently on the site and a pretty loyal following, we're doing well.

Christina said...

I only started reading this blog during the playoffs but I find myself agreeing with most of your opinions, so I've checked back here once a week or so. Glad to see a comeback and I hope the bar exam went well!